About us

Gym Ware is a brand new website launched in year 2018. It is a pure online business designed to bring you good, quality tested gym ware, gym gear, yoga tools, equipment, gym accessories and much more to give you value for your money. Our suppliers have been in the industry for many many years and their products have been tested throughout time and are deemed to be low cost yet high quality. 

The products we sell come directly from the oversea's supplier, hence saving us heaps of money in local logistics and labor and warehousing. We then pass on this costs savings to our dear customers to ensure that you get a good product for less than what you would spend with other brands.

Because of this, our shipping takes a little extra time to reach you. We specify the shipping to take around 5 - 25 days, but this varies from product to product. On average your product gets delivered in around 12 days and we provide tracking for all our items for your convenience. 

I hope you find our website and products useful and that the user interface is easy to use. Please feel free to leave any comments, complaints, requests at our contact us page. 

Owner - Gymware.com.au